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Crymix (CRX) - Crymix (CRX)

Crymix (CRX)

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Create the future by Cryptocurrency. Communication solution for Exchange

About ICO

It is an ICO of original blockchain and Cryptocurrency CRX developed by Japanese corporation Crymix Corporation Limited. Crymix Corporation Limited developed this communication application on its own by using the next-generation block chain and released it as its core service. This application contains communication function like "WhatsApp", "WeChat", "LINE", and it is accompanied by Crymix Wallet which can convert legal currencies and various Cryptocurrencies easily. The Cryptocurrency CRX will be listed on the exchanges managed by Crymix as soon as it get permission of Cryptocurrency exchange industry. It also includes payment functions targeting overseas remittances between Japan and the Philippines and settlement for funds. Crymix Corporation Limited is also actively involved in the development of other core services. Whatsmore, it also accepts services, developments and uses of external organizations as plug-ins. We are conducting industry-academic research on Cryptocurrency with the national university, and pursue to maximize the possibilities of block chains technology.

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