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Platform for native advertising

About ICO

Main exchange of P2P “AdWords” for native advertising with opinion leaders.

Efir.io is the first and only Blockchain based international p2p marketplace that connects players of bloggers native advertising market with IT startups.
We are implementing systemically significant projects in order to break the market barriers and increase the token value. There are no free and open bloggers search engines and marketplaces. We are solving this problem by making intellectual search engine and free marketplace for native advertising market players and external startups. We use QZ token in smart-contract deal between bloggers, advertisers and external startups.

Bloggers are not professional advertisement makers. To increase bloggers advertising quality and to fix the lack of bloggers in some thematic niches we’ve started a service called decentralized production. We use QZ token for bloggers’ crowdfunding.

There also is lack of advertising agencies. We launched professional agency tools half a year ago to help agencies enter the market. Now we are developing tools to completely automate agency business process. It’s a paid service. QZ token is used as payment for it.

Inability to measure PR quality is another problem. Does anybody know how to measure PR? We do and we do it with our project Intellectual measurement of bloggers’ PR quality. It’s a paid service. QZ token is used as payment for using this service.

Native advertising market is opaque. We increase the market transparency with our analytical service. It’s a paid service. QZ token is used as payment for the service. Moreover, we own a lot of unique data and allow external startups to use it by API. To sell services on efir.io platform external startups should use our token.

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Efir.io – Main platform

  • Adding YouTube 170 000 bloggers with public data: March 2018
  • Scaling to other Social Networks. First Chinese social net: December 2018
  • Gutenberg first search algorithm: April 2018
  • Next generation search algorithm: August 2018
  • Smart contract condition fixation: July 2018
  • First oracles: 80% complete - July 2018.
  • Integration of exchange services: September 2018
  • Functionality for advertisers: May 2017
  • Open Api Beta: August 2018
  • Open Api Release: November 2018


Production.efir.io - Decentralized production (Beta)

  • Bloggers and Media-Specialists registration: beta testing in Russia at production.efir.io
  • Bloggers assessment: September 2018
  • Functionality for producers: September 2018
  • Opening of a crowd investing campaign: December 2018
  • Assessment of the results of bloggers' development: December 2018
  • Internal communication on the platform between bloggers and media specialists: December 2018


Agencies.efir.io - Agency services (Beta)

  • Agency integration: released
  • Generation of automatic offers: released
  • Smart briefing: December 2018
  • Automatic reports: December 2018
  • Professional search tools: February 2019
  • Automatic requests to bloggers: February 2019


Analytics.efir.io (Alfa)

  • Prototype of technology in Russian — April, 2018
  • Scaling to other (non hieroglyphical languages) languages: September 2018
  • Scaling to other (hieroglyphical languages) languages: February 2019
  • Basic functionality: December 2018
  • First preorders for statistics: May 2018


Prquality.efir.io - PR Assessment (Research)

  • Prototype for recognition of emotional influence of voice: October 2018
  • Prototype for recognition of Emotional influence of music: December 2018
  • Prototype for recognition of Emotional influence of picture: February 2018
  • Basic Oracle for technology: March 2019



Denis Shayakhmetov
CEO & Founder

Askar Abildaev
Efir.io PM

Vladimir Koveshnikov
Marketing & Product Development

Anna Kozlovskaya

Inna Rudaya
PR manager

Anton Elovikov
Product Designer

Ilya Holnov
Agencies.efir.io PM

Anastasia Zotova
Production.efir.io PM

Dmitry Vinokurov

Danil Vishnyakov
Software Engineer

Sergey Potekhin
Blockchain Developer

Vicky He
Regional Consultant (Asia)

Michael Belyakov
English speaking segment supervisor

Dr. Sanjaya Kanthan
Regional Consultant (APAC)

Elizabeth Kornaukhova
Manager of the CIS bloggers

Alexander Gerasimov
System Administrator

Kirill Dolmatov
Front-end developer

Social Media