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Horse Pedigree Blockchained

About ICO

Pedigree, ownership and health records will be stored in a trusted, tamper-proof decentrialized descendancy registry. We remove the fraudulent practices in horse sales. Dishonest and unlawful sale practices will be avoided on every level in the horse industry


HorseCoin is creating an open-source foundation for a decentralized web, which will provide access to content and shared information for horse data across the globe. Horse data (ownership, medical records, contest results) of pedigree horses are a very delicate and often fraudulent subject. Tracing the pedigree of horses, especially those of race, is not easy, as the current mechanism are paper certificates.

  • Trade – Horsecoin will reduce risk and provide diversification via exposure to an uncorrelated asset class
  • Compliance – We have a strong legal and compliance team and are following all regulations in order for your investment to never be questioned
  • Guaranteed Liquidity – 15% of our profits will be used to re-purchase tokens on exchanges to provide our token holders additional liquidity
  • Community – Earn rewards by participating in our community of peers, mentors, developers and service providers.
  • Stake – Earn profit through staking your HorseCoins.

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