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The Future of Trade and Transactional Banking

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ImpalaCoin is the crypto currency that is powering the Impala crypto bank or Financial network. The crypto bank is a financial inclusive trade and transactional whose primary target is informal paper cash cross border trader, SME international merchant, International supply chain support institutions, e-commerce businesses. The Crypto bank is built on the rails of the stellar blockchain and payments network and the ImpalaPay mobile money processing infrastructure. Our secondary target market is the international remittances, bill payments and revenue collection markets, which we can securely provide end to end straight through processing transactions in over 117 countries.

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ImpalaCoin (ICN) concept is to enable  revolutionary banking in Africa specifically by building an end to end payments infrastructure that allows Financial inclusion and trade finance. Our target market is the Informal and SME trader involved in cross-border trade (Intra-Africa & International trade) this particular segment is responsible for 70% of Africa"s International trade supporting 44% of its 1.2 Billion population. To this end we have built payments infrastructure to China & Asia allowing easy capital movement. As a matter of fact several related revenue streams are complimentary including digitizing International remittances and tapping into the 30 trillion cash payments in emerging markets. ICN is a utility coin running on ImpalaPay's existing and  extensive rails in mobile and digital processing and the Stellar blockchain. ICN value is backed up by commodities in designated secure warehousing as well Fiat Mobile money float which is the most tradable commodity in Africa and China,YES more than oil. Against this two but not limited to them we will enable the trader to access trade finance and borrowings.  We expect ICNs Utility coin to be the most successful in terms of real life use and we intend this to be the one of the biggest offline & online blockchains.

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