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Investment Ecosystem Powered by Smart Contracts

About ICO

Nousplatform is a financial ecosystem for investors and decentralized investment funds powered by Ethereum Smart Contracts. Fund managers can create and manage investment funds in few clicks. Most profitable funds will be listed in the top rating. Investors can easily track the activities of each fund and make a decision to buy or to sell its assets.

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Nousplatform is very excited to be part of the future of blockchain. We are convinced that the blockchain-driven economy will serve to improve the lives of people the world over.

Our system is designed to offer investors simplicity, transparency, diversification, speed of transaction execution, reduced bureaucracy, firm rules of participation, no minimum investment, and unaltered and accurate data.

Nousplatform’s solution will enable:

1) Small and midsize businesses to issue tokens as an equity, integrate legaltech and attract investors;
2) Investment funds to track real time statistical data based on blockchain for establishing ratings and trust level;
3) Smart contracts to govern investor relations;
4) Faster transactions with lower commissions.
We are certain that enhanced wealth creation and financial stability will be possible by applying simple principles of transparency and trust based on distributed ledger technology.  

We invite you to participate in building our success story.

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