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PurpleCoin ICO (PPC) - PurpleCoin (PPC)

PurpleCoin ICO (PPC)

Events & Entertainment

PurpleThrone is a music streaming service which allows fans to contribute PurpleCoin (PPC) to their favorite artists and sell concert tickets to their peers.

About ICO

PurpleThrone is the fastest, coolest and most enjoyable way to consume new music. PurpleThrone was created to spotlight “undiscovered” artists, to provide fans with the largest selection of quality content on the planet and to redefine what it means to be an “independent brand.” We actively iterate to solve two poignant discrepancies in the music industry today:
i. The extreme difficulty for artists to monetize their brand without onerous contracts.
ii. The limited options for music enthusiasts to discover new music in a fun and engaging way.
Enter blockchain, this technology solves both problems at once by placing the limelight back in the hands of fans and giving artists brands a direct route to publish their content without any third-party fees.
For PurpleThrone, the search for a new business model started in 2014 with an audacious idea to return value back to musicians and let fans determine the exact worth of that value.

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