Latterly, Bitcoins came into existence with the promise of better future, which is an incredible step towards digital currency. During the time bitcoin market flourished many new cryptocurrencies came into existence. Betwixt the aggravatingly growing birth rate of newly launched coins, there came a transaction type called “ICO”.

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a type of crowdfunding using crypto coins. It is a means of raising money that has been prone to securities law violations and scams.

What about the chances of ICO’s getting slowed down:

Related to this, Crypto Hustle, wrote in his recent article that ICO delirium is for them who had invested in Ethereum at the earliest stages and now they are interested in resurgence. Hence it can’t be forecasted whether this glory of ICO’s last for long or not, but with rectifications arrival, which cryptos will stay.

Is ICO holding safe?

If you are a risk taker and not having any fear of losing money, then go ahead. It’s a golden bread for you.

What is future of ICO?

According to 2017 survey reports, “about 46% of ICOs didn't reach the fruition stage despite raising about $104 million.” Possible reasons for this are as follows:

·        Increased risk

·        Low returns.

·        Draconian regulations.

·        High level of competitions.

·        Volatile nature of cryptocurrency.

China ban on ICOs and new rule and regulations set by Russian government on ICO’s lead to the decline of ICOs. ICO promotion on social media are difficult, moreover Twitter banned scam crypto accounts. ICO advisors feel that blockchains has future but ICO’s? their future is in dilemma. They need prove their credibility now.

Hence, true. ICO’s will disappear in near future leaving no signs of their existence. But still there are chances for some crypto coins to become future bitcoins, so investors need to keep the look for best ICO’s.

If you are the risk takers, you can invest in many upcoming ICO’s like WEMARK, TEAMBRELLA, UNITED FANS, HADA DBANK, and many more.