Following the path of development in the personalized content industry, Moigraph’s PEP network is now on the verge of introducing the blockchain technology in the stream. After the introduction of emojis, filters, and Giphy's, it has become clear that visual content, especially the mobile visual content are becoming a part of daily life. The frequent use of the visual contents including emojis, stickers, and gifs has now led to the growth of this industry to billions of dollars.

Did you guys know that in 2017, emoji film collected 200 million USD of the collection over only $50 million of budget??? Isn't it impeccable?

After this huge success, the emoji and gifs have now become the key component of online communication. Now the question is what’s Next?

Well! Now the industry giants are planning to introduce blockchain technology to this field. This will enable everyone with a mobile device or a computer to become part of this enhancing experience. PEP network has now proposed a project that will disrupt the entire visual communication industry for better. Below in this piece of article you will grasp the hold on how and why they are planning to implement blockchain over this industry???

Visual Content | Why its Booming???

It is no new phrase that visuals are more captivating than content to a human eye. This visual content industry has lived up to the phrase that "a picture is worth a thousand words". Did you know that the 90 percent of data sent on digital medium is via visuals? Visual content is dominating the internet presently. Can you imagine your favorite internet sites, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, and Amazon without visual content? No not at all, all these mediums are formulated on the concept of enhancing and portraying information visually and this is the basic reason on why and how the visual content is becoming so important.

Personalized content and its limitations!!!

Where nowadays demand for the microcontent as well as personalized micro-content is increasing, it is becoming quite challenging to cope up with the existing limitations of the personalized content. The problem is very simple. Most of the people around the globe either are not aware of how to create custom content efficiently or are limited by the processing power.

Included in the list are the professional designers and developers who have talent but are restricted by the need of GPU to process them in HD, 3D, or VR. The lack of the centralized marketplace for micro-content is another challenge piling up the list of limitations of this industry. These two problems, impose that no average user can actually use the personalized microcontent.

The Limitations and Their Breakthrough by Mobigraph’s PEP Network

As discussed above there are two major problems faced by this industry that is either lack of the processing power and no availability of the centralized marketplace for personalized microcontent. These are the two major reasons why this industry discourages and prevents mass adoption. Mobigraph, however, has proposed the solution to both these issues. After the success of its previous micro-content project with 650,000+ users is now proposing to introduce the power of blockchain to this industry.

Here is how Mobigraph Proposes to resolve the two major issues in the industry -

First, with the introduction of the blockchain in the industry, Mobigraph plans to redistribute the GPU from idle devices and render farms enabling anyone with the computer, tablet or a mobile phone can access GPU and make money mining. Also, with this excess power, the creators and developers can easily work on creating the personalized micro-content even if it features HD, 3D or VR technologies.

Coming to the second major problem of this market, Mobigraph through PEP Network will provide the centralized marketplace for the personalized content. Through this marketplace, one can buy, sell, and even trade pre-made and personalized content.

This revolution in the personalized visual content industry propose by mobigraph's PEP network will help the marketers and other workers to personalize the emails, instant messages and other forms of communication with their own customized images, videos, etc. Also, this will enable them to personalize the emojis, gifs and stickers with the instant messaging platforms. The major change that this network will impose will be that all the agents will be able to participate. This network will also provide an opportunity to everyone with a Smartphone to make some extra bucks in the side by providing the GPU access.