Money market had emerged with the new concept of crypto coins which contain the fundamentals of computer science and mathematical theories.  Some guidelines for the investors to invest in cryptocurrency are as follows.

1.      Similar to Commodities Investment:

Like the commodity it also consists of two faces- it can be used both as an asset or as an investment, with which one can exchange or sell.

2.      Directly Purchase Bitcoins:

 If you don’t want to pay fee for investing or having interest in real time processing of bitcoins, make bitcoin purchase directly.

3.      Small portion of people use crypto coins:

In today’s world the most common cryptocurrency for investment is the Bitcoin but contrary to this only handful of people use it. In US only 24% of adults know about it and notably only 2% Americans use it. This represent the profitable investment for the future.

4.      Growing usage:

The overall market cap of cryptocurrency is more than 60 billion American dollars including both smaller and unknown ones.

5.      Yardstick is the usage:

As an investor your key is the usage. There are many decent investment opportunities right now because of high demand and supply in crypto market. Hence for making the payments, there exist a strong usage of currency.

6.      Market growth:

Currently the market is at the stage where investors will not get golden opportunities but further growth will take place in future.

7.      Solves your problem:

It acts similar to money for you. Processing in crypto will offer you access to money and banking facilities including payments and wires.

8.      Crypto to Money:

Today, cryptocurrencies can be exchanged to conventional paper money.

9.      Building your Portfolio:

Exchangeability of cryptocurrency is the way to build your portfolio. You can store your money in crypto and can get money exchange whenever needed.

10.  Get Right Information:

Be very sceptical while selecting reading sources and people who do cryptocurrency investment.